Welcome to Handmade by Lisbeth.
If you have ever had difficulty finding the perfect stationery for that special occasion - Nobody seems to have that unique design or colour scheme - then you need look no further

Handmade by Lisbeth creates an entirely handmade range for every occasion

This website will give you a flavour of the designs that can be created. The designs shown here can be produced to order, however, if you cannot see exactly what you need, please contact me with your specific requirements.

For those of you who are interested in Wedding Stationery, please go to the Gallery to see what can be created.
The shop contains individual greetings cards for all occasions.
My blog can best be described as the greeting card equivalent of the fashion catwalk, so if you are interested in seeing how I arrive at my designs you should visit it on a regular basis.

Please be aware that if you order several cards, it will take time to complete the order as the stationery is entirely handmade from start to finish and also that there may be very slight differences in colour and or design